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The ease of using a single platform that provides you with the best mobility options for you.  

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Mobility as a Service (MaaS)

Moving from an ownership-based model to a service-based model, is not only more equitable, but also more sustainable. 

By helping solve the first-and-last-mile problem of getting to and from public transportation, MaaS makes it easier for people to get around without the expense of owning a car. Without a car in the driveway, people are much more likely to use other modes of transport and only use a car for the necessary trips – like car share for a weekend hike or costco trip! 

Tripways’ technology remembers your mode of travel preferences, recommending the best routes for you specifically. 

If it’s a sunny day, you can look up the best active modes of transportation to reach your destination. If you slept in and are running late for work, Tripways will find you the quickest way there! and of course the lowest emission routes are always searchable too. 

Millennials are twice as likely as older people to view access to the sharing economy as the ‘new ownership’.

Young people are much less interested in spending their income on car ownership, and are much more concerned about their mobility freedom and having access to convenient mobility options.  

MaaS provides access to convenient multi-modal trip planning options for everyone. 

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